“Eryn Woods puts the HOT in HOTlanta!”

May 10, 2010
click to play a clip of eryn’s single,  “Fantastic Breakup” debuting exclusively on

Her debut album, out Fall of 2010, is no disappointment. With songs like "Overdose" and "Catch me if you can" already rockin' the web, it comes as no surprise when her latest hit "Fantastic Break Up" has become the latest "repeat" on my iPod. The album is marketed towards a generally younger demographic however written to appeal and inspire to people of all ages. I asked, "So basically you want your music to be able to play unedited on the radio in minivans around the country and everyone enjoy what they hear..." "Exactly!" she replied. This is the album she wants to show to the world who Eryn Woods is. She wants the world to know she is "a strong, stylish girl, who loves to have fun and party within morals and values."